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Ricardo Campero


Ricardo Campero was born in Mexico City, Mexico in the year 1973 to Jose Arturo Campero and Maria Lourdes Hernandez.  The oldest of four children, Campero grew up admiring his father’s job in construction and was always interested in the design aspect.  The elder Campero encouraged his son to develop his draftsman skills, and to this day Ricardo uses architectural tools and techniques when creating his art.


In 1994 Ricardo and his wife moved to Cancun and he began an apprenticeship with the respected architect Jorge Martell.  Ricardo displayed a natural artistic talent and eye for detail and soon began to create the scale model homes and buildings that represented the company’s works in progress. His impressive work caught the attention of the architect Martell and a lasting bond was soon formed.


In 2006 Campero began to develop his own intricate styles, techniques, and designs.  He began to add textures to the board and even crafted his own specialized tools for the making of his art. The process is very detailed and thorough: first Campero carefully draws the design onto the foam-board in pencil. Next, he must meticulously cut out all of the pieces, texturize each one, and paint them. Finally, he has to put the whole puzzle back together again. Campero’s use of very bold and vivid colors has drawn comparisons to some of his idols, the famous Mexican artists Rufino Tamayo and Alfaro Psiqueiros


His work can be found in “Riviera Art Galley” in Playa del Carmen.   



Love to his country, nature & humanity.

: )

Ricardo Campero


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